NiCCoLLa events 2020 – 2022


  • 27 February 2020: APSA Seminar on new ICT technologies for intellectual disabilities

  • 18 – 29 May 2020: Coimbra Sustainability Summit

  • 15 – 26 March 2021: Virtual Intensive Study Program 1 at LAB UAS – Finland

  • 8 July 2021: Online Multiplier Event at IPN – Portugal

  • 1 – 5 November 2021: Intensive Study Program 2 at Avans UAS – Netherlands

  • 20 – 22 April 2022: Multiplier Event at Smart Cities in Smart Regions Conference 2022 – Breda, The Netherlands

  • 27 – 29 April 2022: Multiplier Event at LAB UAS – Finland

  • 26 – 30 September 2022: Intensive Study Program 3 at UPV – Spain

  • 29 September 2022: Multiplier Event at UPV – Spain

  • 29 September 2022: Final conference at UPV – Spain

  • 3 – 4 november 2022: Multiplier Event at Websummit 2022 at IPN – Portugal


Upcoming events 2022

29 of September 2022: Final conference NICCoLLa at UPV, Spain

The NICCoLLa project will officially end in December 2022. Before concluding the project with various outputs, we will hold our final conference in Alcoi, Spain. During the conference we will share the outputs with professionals and students. The results of this project will help (future) professionals in care and welfare to work with technology for the benefit of their clients and patients.

Working with and development of technologies and ICT requires specific competences, development of technology and ICT solutions requires a good understanding of the clients and patients. And all these opportunities and developments require that (future) professionals from health and welfare will work more and more together with professionals from the technological and ICT field. With the results of the project a professional can develop competencies and skills useful for a future with T&I solutions. So the professional can play an increasingly important role in delivering client/patient-centered, efficient and accessible care / counseling. 

NICCoLLa has focused on improvement of education of (future) professionals, on the development of curricular content (competencies, methodology and content) for the education of care and wellbeing professionals (focusing on use and implementation of care technologies) as well as for technology and ICT professionals (focusing on design and development of care technologies). The aim was and is to increase and amplify the skills needed for the successful implementation of technology and ICT in the care and wellbeing sector.

During the conference you will get an insight into the teaching modules developed during the project as well as the digital platform developed for professionals. And finally, you will also get to know the development of an (inter)national lab network. 

We hope to welcome you at the final conference of NICCoLLa:  The Network for Innovative Care Competence Learning through Labs on Thursday 29th September 2022 in Alcoi, Spain.


26 – 30 of September 2022: Intensive Study Program 3 at UPV, Spain

In the week of 26th September the third and final Intensive Study Program will be held in Alcoi, Spain. During that week students from Finland, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands will work together on In the use and implementation of technology in the health and welfare domain.

The health and welfare sector is significantly affected by technological and ICT developments . Care innovations promise multiple benefits such as reduced costs, improved quality of life, and improved quality and efficiency of care. We face challenges the challenges that stem from demographic changes, reduced public funding, and shortage of H&W professionals. But how do we use the technology, which target-groups can profit from the use of technology and which dilemmas do we face as professionals to work with technology and ICT.

During this week students will work in teams with students from different disciplines. They will discover technological applications of the current market. Care professionals are needed that can work with and co-create care technologies which deliver effective and user-friendly services. In a future where (care) technology is becoming more important, ’future-proof’ care professionals with transdisciplinary technological competencies are needed. For ICT and Technology students it’s important to discover the perspective of the user and the one that supervises the client/patient.

During this week student will be challenged to find solutions and implement them in the practical field.


20 – 22 of April 2022: Smart Cities in Smart Regions Conference 2022

From 20 until 22 of April the third edition of Smart Cities in Smart Regions Conference will be held in Breda, The Netherlands.  This edition is organized by the Urban Living Lab Breda, Avans University of Applied Sciences and Breda University of Applied Sciences in close co-operation with the municipality of Breda, LAB University of Applied Sciences (FI) and a number of international, national and regional partners and operators. 

The Conference is an excellent meeting, networking, discussion, and co-creation forum as it brings together thinkers, planners, practitioners, academics and experts from businesses, private and public sector government to share latest ideas, discuss products, processes and to debate issues and challenges on themes relating to the creation and development of ‘Smart Cities in Smart Regions:

  • Active citizenship & Smart City infrastructure Design
  • Technology & Digitalization
  • Circular Economy & Entrepreneurship

From the NICCoLLa project, Jordi Linares (PhD. in Computer Science (Universitat Politècnica de València)) will deliver a keynote on ‘new interaction technologies based on AR and AI and their role in a smart city’. The NICCoLLa project will also provide for 2 workshops and a poster presentation. For more information about the conference and about the program:


Upcoming events 2021:

1st – 5th of November, 2021 Intensive Study Program: (Social) Technology in Health and Welfare

From November 1st until November 5th 2021, Avans University of Applied Sciences will, together with the NICCoLLa project partners, organize a 5 ECTS international intensive study program: “(Social) Technology in Health and Welfare.”

We are happy to announce that this second ISP we organize, will be our first face-to-face event, since daily life in Europe is getting more and more the way we were used to before Covid.

The program is based on active participation in lectures, workshops and learning projects in an international context. Bachelor students of social and health, ICT and business participate in the program. LAB University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Avans University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), and Valencia University of Applied Sciences (Spain) organize the intensive study program together with Instituto Pedro Nunes (Portugal).

Learning outcomes for the program

After the study program, the student is able to recognize special needs of care givers in using technology in social care and health care, nationally in partner countries. This makes the student able to identify future technological solutions and innovations for social and health care and recognize moral and ethical dilemmas in health and wellness related technology as well as apply service design and co-creation methods for developing technological solutions for social and health care.   

Contents of the Intensive study program

The content of the study program is working with clients using technological solutions in health and wellbeing ensuring the competencies needed in future professional work in multidisciplinary work. Program also discusses legal, moral, and ethical dilemmas of technological solutions used in health and wellbeing. In addition, the benefits of co-creation in the development of new technological solutions for health and wellbeing will be discussed. Students will also find ways to solve the language cap challenges between multidisciplinary information technology and health and wellbeing professionals. Service design methods are used in project assignments to develop technological innovations in health and wellbeing. Besides the workshops and lectures several professionals, coming from different professional fields, will share their experiences and knowledge with the students. So students will gather knowledge and skills to work on a real life case study and develop a technological solution for the specific case.

For more information on this program please feel free to contact: Angèle Geerts,