NICCoLLa collaborative netwerk

During the NICCoLLa project, the exchange of knowledge and information between testbeds and labs have provided a strong base for transdisciplinary and transnational, as well as national, cooperation. It has also provided interesting insights into how co-creative collaboration with different labs and knowledge environments can be done in the future to develop technology that can support the needs of the patient/client.

Different testbeds and labs have different ways to work with the development of technology in health and wellbeing. The focus can either be on education, like “learning through labs”, or developing health technology and promoting business or a combination of them both.

In the visualization below, we have drawn different laboratories that have been identified during the NICCoLLa project in desk research or interviewed in the project’s partner countries.

NICCoLLa Ecosystem

Citizens are at the core of the NICCoLLa ecosystem. All our activities are focused on resolving the challenges of this group and to support the needs of this group.  Through continuous loops of co-creative multilevel and interdisciplinary collaboration, in which citizens are actively involved, we develop transdisciplinary technology and training material that actually meets the needs of client/patient and healthcare professional.

Roadmap and matrix for CTL’s:

Quality Assurance Handbook