Output IO1

Output IO2

In intellectual output 2 (IO2) focus will be on developing a MOOC, based on IO1. This MOOC will be available on an open platform.

Output IO3

In Intellectual Output 3 (IO3) we are focusing on developing a “blueprint” or set of guidelines for how to develop a health technology lab. So far we have been doing interviews in the Netherlands and in Finland, aiming for an in depth view of the developments of health technology labs in these countries. In these interviews we focus for instance on what the intended purpose of a lab is, how a particular lab was developed, what choices were made with which intentions in mind etc. Following this first batch of interviews another round of interviews will be held with representatives from health technology labs from other European countries. These two rounds of interviews together will give us insight in the diversity and dynamics of European health technology labs. Based on this we will write a first version of our blue print.