By Angèle Geerts: Yesterday students from UPV, LAB and Avans UAS received an introduction on artificial intelligence, different technologies developed at GetLAb (Avans UAS) and into the workings of two Health technology innovation labs (the GetLab from Avans UAS en the Living Lab from LAB).

After these introductions, the students were devided in three mixed teams. Each team will work on a challenge. The starting point is a technology. The students will have to discover the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of the technology and think about which target group this technology would be suitable for. They have to work out different possibilities and how this target group could use the technology. The first day the focus is on discovering the technology, where during the second day students had to work out ideas and concepts for using the technology. To get a general idea of the workshops from the students perspective check out this short aftermovie:

ISP 3 has started!

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