The ME/Final Symposium was the end-symposium of the NICCoLLa project. This 1-day symposium for 50 invitees took place at UPV in Alcoi, Spain on September 29th, 2022.

The purpose of this event was to present all the results and outputs generated during the project:

  1. Informing the wider audience about the IO1 courses developed and how they are embedded in T&I and H&W education.
  2. Similarly about the widely available and easily accessible OER/MOOC (IO2) options available for everyone with an interest in T&I for the H&W service sector.
  3. Sharing the CTL blueprint (IO3) with the wider audience aiming at fostering a labs concept as transdisciplinary co-creative learning place with options for transnational collaboration.

The final symposium was an open symposium format with additional formal presentations and talks (highly representative keynote speaker in the involved sectors), in which a large part of its activities was focused on presenting the results, obtained in the NICCoLLa project, to all the participants in line with the project objectives.

This ME and end-symposium provided a wide dissemination platform for the NICCoLLa project and the general project objectives. The results were presented into a final conference format, with introduction to the NICCoLLa project, its objectives, results, and a full description of the different Intellectual Outputs created.

Important keynote speakers, high representative professionals of the sectors, were invited and complemented the main objective of the final symposium with the future of technology in the social and healthcare sectors.

A final roundtable, with professionals, keynote speakers, and members of the NICCoLLa project allowed a wide and open dialogue of the NICCoLLa results, its main impacts and consequences in training new and current professionals, new challenges, and an open dialogue with the attendees.

A final networking session (in a non-formal catering lunch space) closed this final symposium allowing the audience to directly share conclusions, ask to NICCoLLa members about specific questions and stimulate interaction between different profiles and professionals.

All relevant stakeholders and target groups interested in the integration of T&I for H&W were invited to attend the finals symposium, such as:

  • professionals in social and healthcare, and ICT sectors
  • teachers, students, from different higher educational areas and institutions
  • ICT developers and businesses in the field
  • public sector representatives and potential decision makers
  • clients/patients
  • scientists on the related areas

The final symposium overlapped a TPM and the ISP3, what even boosted many of their objectives.

The objectives achieved in this final event, and totally aligned with the initial objectives of the projects, can be summarized as follows:

  • Sharing experiences and tangible results of the Intellectual Outputs of the NICCoLLa project, aims and objectives with the extended network of people with an interest in T&I for H&W.
  • Provide conclusions and implementation strategies in line with the dissemination plan.
  • Link these results to previously collected needs, challenges, experiences, and knowledge from
  • various stakeholder groups and open a debate with the event audience.
  • Extend the building of a sustainable transnational and transdisciplinary network for CTL
  • Development, by providing the IO3 blueprint description.

Provide a platform for future cooperation and integration of the contents generated in the partners’ institutions and beyond, centralized in the project official website:

Multiplier Event and final symposium at UPV – Spain

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