By: Jordi Linares

After many years trying to get an Eramus Strategic Partnership with some other European Universities, finally we have achieved our NICCoLLa project, thanks to the effort of the two main leaders, LAB from Lahti in Finland and Avans University of Applied Sciences from Breda in the Netherlands (the leaders of this definitive attempt).

NICCoLLa main objective is to prepare teaching material (30 ECTS credits) for students of two different areas: ICT and Healthcare and social sector.

So, NICCoLLa is going to try to teach how new technologies can help in healthcare and social sectors, and how important it is for ICT students to think about people socially excluded because of any disability.

There are many possibilities and applications of interactive technologies, VR, AR, and AI that can help a lot to many people with no important investments. Training both sides on this new possibilities is the objective of NICCoLLa.

We do believe our technical contribution from our Campus of Alcoi of UPV will be very important in the context of this amazing project.

NICCoLLa; Preparing teaching material for ICT and Healthcare

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